our mission


The mission of The Gifted Gown is to provide formal attire, free of charge, to anyone in our community regardless of demographics or income level.  It is our goal to provide a safe, kind and understanding environment.  Everyone deserves to feel special and be able to participate in any event without having to wonder where they will get the money to do so.



Nothing we do can be done without YOU!  All of our gowns, tuxes/suits, shoes, and accessories are donated to us out of private closets, small businesses, boutiques, and the kindness of hearts so we may help anyone who is in need of formal attire.  

​The Gifted Gown is the "Formalwear Concierge" as we market, create, and search for ways to pair individuals with the items they need for any formal or semi-formal event. 

​How can you help you ask?  If you, or anyone you know, has formal attire that you know will never be worn again (hint hint - your bridesmaids dress from your cousin's wedding?) we would be elated to take it off your hands and find it a new home where it will be loved, appreciated, and given new life.  Financial contributions are always welcome as well.  You may visit 
HERE  for more information :) 



The Gifted Gown, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We accept donations of gowns, tuxes, shoes, and accessories and then have individuals who need formal attire, for any type of occasion, choose items to take home with them free of charge.  We also accept monetary donations via our website or you may make checks payable to:  The Gifted Gown and mail them to 3125 E. 10th Street, Suite K, Indianapolis, IN 46201.  All contributions to The Gifted Gown, Inc., a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE

We also work with other charitable organizations to help more people in our community by providing formal attire and accessories at no cost to people who need them. 

Items donated which may not be appropriate for our mission, (professional or casual clothing, torn or dirty items, etc.) may be donated, discarded, or sold to benefit The Gifted Gown, Inc.

The Gifted Gown, Inc. is not responsible for any of the donations we provide, or have provided, to individuals or organizations after they leave our possession.  All donations are property of The Gifted Gown, Inc. upon receipt of the donation until they are gifted to a third party.  It, then, becomes the sole responsibility of that third party to care for the items which they have received.  The Gifted Gown Inc., in no way, approves or tolerates any unethical or immoral handling of the donations we gift to third parties free of charge.  The Gifted Gown, Inc. also reserves the right to withhold services from anyone who has been found to have taken advantage of our organization/services or who has fraudulently used our organization/services for personal gain.


Small Beginnings


The Gifted Gown began because we wanted to help people - plain and simple.  Formal and semi-formal occasions are moments in life which are special and create memories for people to take with them for years to come.  We wanted to help bring these special moments to life and make sure no one misses out on the chance to experience all that life has to offer.

We are available all year, by appointment, for any formal or semi-formal occasion - Proms, College Formals, Graduations, Military Balls, etc.  We, also, take in donations of attire all year in order to be able to provide this service to all of our community.  Visit our
"Donate"page to learn more!