"Just wanted to thank you ladies for all the help today.  The way you tended to each and every young man & young lady was fantastic.  Not only do you provide these gowns, shoes & accessories at no charge to the families, but you genuinely want to see each & every one of these kids find something they love.  Even though my daughter wasn't lucky enough to find anything that fit properly, we certainly appreciated your generosity & all the help in trying to find one that did.  Thank you so much, from us both!!" - Jenn M.

"I am so thankful for the opportunity to have people such as the gifted gown to be there for people going to prom. This year was my first year going to prom, I was born and raised for 11 years in Africa Nigeria, so I wasn't sure if prom was as fun and important as my friends and others say. But after having experience with the help of you guys and many others prom was a great night to remember. From the bottom of my heart,  Thank you." - Guest from 2016

"I can barely put into words the joy and blessing that this evening was! It started when Jan T. tagged Julia Rutland when I asked about where to find a cocktail dress for Mickey for Miss Hoosier Heartland. Tyler Mason Salon Spa offered space for us to meet with Julia to try on some gowns fromThe Gifted Gown.. Then Tyler Mason offered to do Mickey's hair and make up. Mykal McEldowney from The Indy Star came to get photos. Julia not only blessed Mickey with a dress for the pageant but also one for prom!! Thank you so much to everyone involved this evening!! Samantha Toney and Kelley Ford, I'm so glad you two got to be there with us!! We have one happy princess on our hands tonight!!" - Jenny D.

"I am glad I had the opportunity to come down to the prom shop!  The young lady I brought with me was very excited about her dress find.  She had a bounce in her step all the way back to the car and talked about how happy she was on the ride home!  I am sure you and your team have provided experiences these ladies/men will never forget.  Many blessings!" - Guest from 2014 Prom Shop

"Thank you guys soo much for getting me a suit omg it is amazing . . . I feel like Will Smith and my baby looks amazing in her dress.  Thank you sooo much!!" - Young Man from 2014 Prom Shop



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